The Korea Evangelical Church of America (KECA) recently hosted a Next Generation Leadership Conference for the second generation Korean American pastors of the denomination from June 13 to 16 at Johns Creek Korean Church.

About 30 Korean American pastors attended the conference, which featured times of worship, lecture sessions, fellowship, and discussions.

Rich Danzeisen from One Mission Society spoke on ‘Diaspora and the Church Body,’ and Min Chung of Covenant Fellowship Church spoke on leadership.

“Who will lead our church after us? Whatever work you do, if it is led by God’s hand, it becomes His ministry. I hope that you will be ministers who move forward depending on the Lord,” said Ha Kyoon Hwang, the president of the KECA. “I hope that you also would remember the ‘hunger mentality’ of the first generation Koreans, and that you would embrace in your hearts the history and vision of those who came before us, and become leaders that lead God’s people.”

“I have wondered and thought about what message I should convey to the younger generation, and the ministers who lead them,” said David S. Lee, senior pastor of Johns Creek Korean Church.

“Korean American pastors have seen the difficulties that arose in the church with the first generation Korean members, and I know that it isn’t easy for those in the English ministry of Korean churches,” Lee continued. “I hope and pray that this will be a time to hear the voice of the English ministry pastors, and for us as ministers to share our hearts with each other … I hope that through regular gatherings like this, we can network with each other and think of more effective plans to move forward together.”

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