Christians are called to be the light in the world and to shine wherever they go, founder and pastor of NEWSONG Church David Gibbons said at the Global Medical Missions Alliance (GMMA) Conference at Bethel Korean Church on Saturday.

Comparing profession to a piece of clothing, Gibbons says that a Christian's calling goes beyond his or her profession.

“Profession is like a piece of clothing in that it can be a means of expression, but not definition. It’s valuable, but it doesn’t define you and it’s not your primary calling,” he said. “Do you think Jesus was excited about carpentry? He came as a healer, rabbi, teacher, and as a servant too.”

Jesus’ calling was defined by his servanthood and submission to God, Gibbons continued. ”He was this carpenter from Nazareth, walking with the Father.”

“Would you define Christianity that way? As servanthood? As submitting to God?” Gibbons asked.

David Gibbons
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
David Gibbons, founder and pastor of NEWSONG Church, was featured as one of the plenary speakers at the Global Medical Missions Alliance Conference.

“Our calling is not about just obedience, but joyful obedience,” Gibbons explained. “Christians do their work and they burn out like everyone else. Matthew 5:16 says, ‘Let your light shine before men.’ Maybe the most powerful impact you have is in loving people well and staying in tune with the Spirit so that you can shine at work.”

“And don’t stress out because we’re not saving people. Your job is to shine wherever you go, to be a joyful servant and a light in the world,” Gibbons continued.

Gibbons pointed out two things about being a light in the world. First, it does not mean you have to be or do something “big.”

“Jesus chose twelve and we’re all impacted by it to this day,” Gibbons explained.

Second, it’s not about one’s strengths, but one’s scars.

“Think about heaven. The only one with scars is Jesus,” Gibbons said. “He’s perfect, yet he has scars and he died the worst death. Why? So that he could connect with all of humanity. It wasn’t about his titles, but his scars.”

“As the world gets darker, you get brighter. So what will you do when the darkness comes in?” Gibbons asked.

The GMMA Conference, which took place from June 24 to 25, aimed to equip Korean American students and professionals to live missionally, and featured speakers such as Michael Oh, the executive director of the Lausanne Movement, and over 50 different workshop sessions.