North Korea Threatens to Cease Negotiations with US After Former Detainee Missionary Openly Criticizes Regime

Kenneth Bae
(Photo : Christianity Daily) North Korea has said it will not negotiate the release of two US prisoners being held captive in the country, after missionary Kenneth Bae released a book of his experiences in NK.

The North Korean government has said that it will cease negotiations with the United States to free two American detainees after missionary Kenneth Bae released a book describing his experience of imprisonment in the country.

He was detained in North Korea for sharing the gospel and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, but was released after two years.

The government of North Korea told him to stop using slanderous language against the country.

The North warned that if he does not relent, then the negotiations of the prisoners currently held captive will be jeopardized.

"If Bae continues, U.S. criminals held in our country will be in the pitiful state of never being able to set foot in their homeland once again," North Korea's KCNA state media said.

The regime called him a "Judas" and asked him to "commit suicide."

"As long as Kenneth Bae continues his babbling, we will not proceed with any compromise or negotiations with the United States on the subject of American criminals, and there will certainly not be any such thing as humanitarian action."

Bae's book, 'Not Forgetten: The True Story of My Imprisonment in North Korea' was released in May, and he has given several interviews related to the book, many of which have angered the North Korean government.

"I felt like an insect, tangled in the spider web," he had said. "Every time I moved it got messier, with no way out."

He also spoke about planning to help North Korean refugees to resettle.

"Bae talked rubbish that 'he is planning to set up a non-governmental organization for the fellow countrymen in the north and carry out projects helpful to the poor people in the north and defectors from the north,'" the KCNA editorial read.

"It is ridiculous, indeed, for Bae to be busy with the moves for establishing a non-governmental organization for some people as if he were a big philanthropist. In other words, he revealed his intention to persist in his hostile acts against the DPRK."

Pyongyang said that Bae took a U-turn" after returning to the United States.

"American criminals now in custody in [North Korea] will never be able to go back to the U.S.," the agency said.

Two other US citizens are being held by Pyongyang at present, who have been sentenced to hard labor.

In January, a 21-year-old American student Otto Warmbier was arrested for allegedly trying to steal a propaganda poster of the late leader Kim Jong Il.

In April, another Korean-American missionary Kim Dong Chul was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor for alleged crimes against the state.

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