International Christian Concern is organizing its first annual "The Bridge" conference in Washington DC to raise awareness about the persecuted church in the Middle East, and to arrive at ways to support the Christians and minorities in the region.

The conference will be held from July 7 to 9 and is anticipating participation from churches, pastors, missionaries, Congressmen, and people who themselves have been persecuted to testify about the ground situation in the region.

"We are gathering the Church in the US to meet their persecuted brother and sister and those that work on their behalf," ICC President Jeff King wrote on the conference website.

The leaders will talk about persecution and genocide in the Middle East, and what steps could be taken to stop it. The conference is free and will inform the participants of the latest situation in the area, and how to connect with other churches, groups, and people who also want to work towards supporting Christians and other minorities in the strife-torn countries.

"This is a conference about Persecution where the speakers and leaders we gather will give you the inside scoop on ISIS, persecution, how to get your church engaged, as well as how to connect and assist Christians in persecuted countries," the conference website reads.

The persecuted Christians will give a first-hand account of the prevailing situation in the territories occupied and ravaged by ISIS.

Leaders from NGOs, and experts on the Middle East will suggest policies to address the persecution problem, and to reach out the Christians and minorities with needed assistance.

"In the persecuted Church, you find real devotion, sacrifice, and great love for the Lord in spite of the terrible cost Christians pay for their faith. It is our hope and desire for the Lord to touch our hearts at this conference and call us to revival," King said.

For more information, visit, or contact 800-422-5441.