Multiple Suicide Bombings Target Mosques, US Consulate in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
(Photo : Paki90/Wikimedia/CC) The Mosque of the Prophet in Medina containing the tomb of Muhammad, where one of the suicide bombing attack was carried out before sunset.

Suicide bombers blew themselves up in three different cities of Saudi Arabia on Monday, as the season of Ramadan draws to its end.

The three locations in Saudi Arabia included the city of Medina, where the bomb struck near the Prophet's Mosque.

"Four security guards were martyred and five others wounded as a result of their opposition to the suicide attacker who detonated explosives near them as he was on his way to the mosque," the Saudi interior ministry said on Twitter.

The bomb went off near Al-Masjid an-Nabawi mosque, when it was time to break the fast before sunset.

Another attack was carried out near the United States Consulate in the city of Jeddah in the morning, which wounded two security personnel. The suicide bomber was in a car parked opposite to the consulate building, and when the officers went to take a closer look at him, he blew himself up.

The interior ministry said the man behind the suicide bombing near the consulate was a Pakistan national, Abdullah Qlazar Khan, who worked as a driver and was living in the kingdom for the last 12 years.

Three other devices were found inside the suicide bomber's car, which were detonated by a robot from a bomb disposal squad.

In the evening, two more blasts struck near a Shiite mosque in the eastern city of Qatif. No injuries were reported from the blasts.

A previous bombing in May 2015 at Shiite mosque in Qatif had claimed 21 lives.

There have been no claims of responsibility for the suicide bombings, but analysts suspect ISIS involvement in these coordinated attacks.

Suicide bombings have killed about 290 people in Turkey, Bangladesh, Yemen, and Iraq during this Ramadan. The attacks were claimed or suspected to have been committed by ISIS.

The highest casualties were reported from the bombing in Iraq which killed about 222 people in a predominantly Shia neighborhood. A refrigerator truck packed with explosives plowed outside al-Hadi shopping center in Baghdad, and was detonated by a suicide bomber. The explosion severely damaged buildings, and set them ablaze. Hundreds of people were wounded and many were trapped inside the buildings. The attack was carried out when families were gathered at the shopping center hours after breaking their fast to mark the end of Ramadan.

Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars condemned the attack.

"They are renegades from the [true] religion who have left behind the Muslim flock and their imam, violating all sanctities," the council said in a statement.

"They have no religion," it added.

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