The Church of England will convene a General Synod in York this week where as many as 500 members are expected to come together and discuss same-sex marriage.

The issue has created two wings in the church, one wanting to introduce an authorized service of "welcome" or blessing for same-sex relationships (not necessarily redefining the Church's definition of marriage) and the other which opposes such a move.

The members at the Synod will try to come to a mutually agreeable stand in the private meeting which will extend for three days between 8 and 10 July.

However, no conclusion is likely to be drawn during this synod, but a plan will be drawn up which will be discussed again in February 2017 meeting, a source was quoted as saying by Christian Today.

Father Andrew Foreshew-Cain, who is married to Stephen Foreshew, told Christian Today that CofE should accept gay marriages and follow the "shift" that has been happening in society and within the church. Meanwhile, an evangelical leader who did not disclose his name also told Christian Today that conservatives who do not affirm same-sex relationships are not homophobic, but want to take their stand based on Biblical understanding.

Archbishop Justin Welby, head of CofE, is trying to make the groups with differing views to stay together to prevent a split in the church, a report in Guardian suggested.

CofE formally does not recognize same-sex marriage, but has been showing steps of acceptance towards the LGBT community. For instance, the Church of England has said it will soon start a new congregation called 'True North' for LGBT community in August at St. Matthew's Walsall in the Diocese of Lichfield. While a majority of members at the diocese do not affirm same-sex marriage, they say that they want to serve gay congregation to bring then closer to the community of Christ.