A summer camp for Korean American youth in the Northwest region of the U.S. called ‘Dare to Be a Daniel’ took place from June 29 to July 1 at Tacoma Central Mission Church.

Youth from 19 different churches gathered for the camp, which was themed, “True Joy in Christ (Philippians 4:4),” and were able to learn biblical values, and commit themselves to live as God’s children.

“Many youth students received Christ as Lord and Savior this year through D2BD, and committed their lives to him,” shared Myung-Shin Kim, one of the pastors who organized the event. “Please pray for these students to continue growing in Christ, and that they would be trained well as his soldiers.”

“These youth are exposed to countless temptations in life,” shared Young Jae Shin, the director of the summer camp. “But they committed to not compromise with the world, and to live lives pleasing to God, rooted in his truth.”

This particular D2BD summer camp was launched in 2009, and has continued on an annual basis since.

This article has been translated and edited for clarity. For the original in Korean, visit kr.christianitydaily.com.