One day after the Anglican Church of Canada rejected a proposal to authorize same-sex marriage, the church reversed its decision after discovering a miscount during the voting process.

In order for the resolution to pass, it required approval from two-thirds of the laity, clergy, and bishops. On Monday, it was announced that the resolution did not pass after the clergy did not receive required two-thirds vote by one vote.

On Tuesday, the last day of the church’s triennial General Synod, a few delegates said their votes had not been recorded. After examining the hard copy of the electronic voting records, an error was discovered which resulted from misattributing a clergy’s vote as that of a lay member.

Primate of the Canadian Church Archbishop Fred Hiltz declared that the resolution to approve same-sex marriage had passed.

In order for the resolution to become law and change the church’s marriage canon, the resolution must be reviewed and affirmed at the next General Synod in 2019.