The Korean American Coalition (KAC), a non-profit community organizing group in Los Angeles, will be hosting its 'Model United Nations' program for inner-city middle and high school students once again this year.

KAC has been hosting the MUN program for the past 11 years hoping to cultivate "leaders who will lead the future of the Korean community," the group stated in a press release. The program challenges students to research, report, present, and debate on current world issues, as they act as delegates of various countries.

"MUN is intended to give inner-city youth insight into the world at large -- geopolitics, international relations, and national and international politics -- while polishing everyday skills, all in an effort to engage students in a critical reflection of not only global but local issues," KAC stated on its website.

Though previously, KAC's MUN program was only open to high school students, the group decided to expand its reach and open up a 'Junior MUN' program for students in 8th grade.

The program runs during the academic school year, from September to June of next year, as students will participate in MUN activities during the weekdays and attend a national MUN conference during the school year.

"Over the years, we've heard from our KAC MUN students that their experiences with the program have helped them become admitted to their dream schools, and particularly prepared them for their interviews with private universities," said Chris Lee, KAC MUN coordinator.

Applications and required documents are due on August 22nd via email. For more information, visit