Update - July 20, 2016 - 11:00 p.m. ET - Winning numbers for Wednesday night are 6, 25, 35, 58, 66 and the powerball is 5. Powerplay is 2x.  

Another lucky winner may become a multimillionaire tonight, July 20, 2016, after Powerball numbers are drawn at 11:00 p.m. ET. This site will be publishing at approximately 11:02 p.m. so make sure to return to this site at that time.

Last Saturday, the Powerball jackpot prize landed no winners and that resulted in the original jackpot soaring to $361 million ($250.3 million in cash). This jackpot prize has been rolled 20 times now due to non- winning numbers drawn from the previous draws.

How to Play Powerball

Powerball Lottery draws winning numbers every Wednesday and Saturday night. Five white balls are drawn out of a drum containing 69 balls and 1 red ball out of a drum with 26 red balls. To win the jackpot, you have to have a set of five matching white balls in any order and one red Powerball.

Prizes are claimed in two ways:

1. You can annuitize the prize which will allow Powerball Lottery to pay it over a span of 29 years (equivalent to 30 payments). In this term, you get annual payments that are increased by 5% each year to keep up with the cost of living at current times.

2. Lump sum payment is the second option. If you choose cash, then you get paid cash after federal taxes.

If you are not so lucky to hit the jackpot, there is a second prize won by matching 5 balls in any order which is equivalent to $1million paid in cash.

Each ticket costs $2 and draw sales cut off will be at least 59 minutes before the scheduled draw. It is best to check the state lottery schedule and cut-off period.