Cheerwines Krispy Kreme's Cherry Soda Flavored drink has made its way to the market. Now, this drink may quench the thirst of customers from North, South Carolina and other parts of Georgia. This new flavor is now sold in grocery stores, convenience stores and Krispy Kreme doughnut shops in the above mentioned areas only. Dated back in 2010, Krispy Kreme was able to sell Cheerwine filled doughnuts for a limited period.

This one of a kind flavoured soda drink product was recently introduced by Cheerwine on Facebook last Friday.

According to one journalist, "if Americans can depend on America for anything, it's about putting two powerful foods together to create one blend is probably too sweet for even the sweet toothed."

Cheerwine's doughnut glazed cherry soda flavoured drink which is discussed and planned to be released and sold online. Cheerwine somehow believes that they would want to cater to those who crave for a doughnut- cherry soda taste.

The drink's color was observed to be a watered down version of the regular Cherry Soda Red drink. This weird combination has definitely made its way in the news and has garnered mixed reviews as far as the social media is concerned. Some thought this was just a publicity stunt, others were just baffled, and others just find this idea very odd and out of this world. Nevertheless, many sweet toothed still think that this is a brilliant idea and would want to have this available across all states.

Maybe Krispy Kreme is trying to help and do its part to increase the country's slow sales in sugary soft drinks. This can be a good start, unless the market does not respond to it. Let us hope that this sugary treat will make its way to other markets and grocery stores so others can put their comment and have a say if this product indeed deserves to be placed out in the market or just be shelved.