Korean drama 'Doctors' is believed to surpass hit Korean drama series 'Descendants of the Sun'.

'Doctors' High Ratings

'Doctors' is a new South Korean Drama that started last June. If there's a consistent increase of viewers, the show might outperform the hit KBS Korean drama 'Descendants of the Sun', with lead stars Song Joong-ki, and Song Hye-kyo.

From Nielsen Korea, 'Doctors' premiered at a 12.9 percent viewership. An increase of 1.3 percent on the following day. Last week, the show had a rating of 18.4 percent, securing a place on the top spot.  


'Doctors' is a story about a rebel girl who finally had a change of heart and a boy who is willing to help her no matter the cost.

After her grandmother's untimely death due to medical malpractice, Yoo Hye Jing (Park Shin-Hye) strived hard to become a neurosurgeon. 13 years later, she applied to the same hospital where the doctor who operated her grandmother is working. She tries to dig deep into what went wrong during the surgery and plans to take revenge. She was firm about not getting into a romantic relationship with anyone but changed her mind when she met her old professor.

Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae-Won) is an orphan. His family was involved in a car accident that caused the life of his parents. He was adopted by a wealthy surgeon and was treated well. 13 years ago, he gave up being a doctor because of a mistake that caused a patient's life. He became a professor and met Yoo Hye Jung that changed both their lives.

They got separated after a rumor about them dating spread. A student-teacher being in a romantic relationship is a big no for the school. Ji Hong resigned and moved to the States while Hye Jung was kicked out. They met again 13 years later as neurosurgeons at the same hospital.

New Character May Reveal a Dark Secret

The show is on its 10th episode. Hye Jung's attention was called by the internal auditor of the hospital to ask about the sports car given by a patient. The auditor received a call from Hye Jung's fellow surgeon and told him that Hye Jung received a bribe from a VIP patient. This was then confirmed by Hye Jung but said that she was finding a way to return the car.

Ji Hong was worried about his foster father's condition. Despite the stress brought by being the chairman of the hospital, his father's brain tumor is back. Though the operation was a success, he still fears for his father's life.

Yoo Yoo Na is Hye Jung's half-sister. According to Australian Network News, her character brings a mystery about her past that could potentially increase the show's ratings and defeat 'Descendants of the Sun'. 'Doctors' airs every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 KST on KBS.