Many rumors are circulating over what's to happen during season 4 of 'Sherlock'. Fans are excited to know whether Professor James Moriarty will be back and in what form. Will he be a ghost haunting Sherlock or Will he appear to be a normal human being and decide to explain how he faked his death? Another mind-boggling rumor is the appearance of Redbeard. Everyone knows that Redbeard is the Holme's dog, but speculations state that Redbeard is a code for the third brother.

Redbeard, Dog or Human?

Amanda Abbington (Mary Morstan) posted a picture of herself on Twitter with the caption, "Last day... Series 4. #Sherlock #Setlock," which meant 'Sherlock' Season 4 is about to wrap up. Earlier last week, creator Steven Moffat hinted the show's last season will be possible. Since actors Benedict Cumberbatch, (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman are busy doing other movies and TV show, it would be hard for them to keep up with new seasons.

Moffat also assured that as long as Cumberbatch and Freeman decide to stay, the show will still be up and running. Earlier episodes of the show featured a bloodhound named Redbeard. The dog was shown during the time when Sherlock tried to calm himself after Mary shot him in the chest. Redbeard also came up written on one of the pages of Mycroft Holme's (Mark Gratiss) notebook.

Fans believed that the highly functioning sociopath became emotionally estranged after losing their bloodhound. Theories about the 'Redbeard' arise, explaining that the name may mean the third of the Holme's brother. Fans' expectation died down when there was no confirmation of an actor for the third brother in season 4.

Mycroft's Death

During the 'Sherlock: The Abominable Bride' special, fans got a glimpse of Sherlock's 'Mind Palace.' Trying to understand Moriarty's video, Sherlock (after overdosing) took a trip back in the 19th century where a similar case happened.

Also featured on the episode where viewers saw an obese Mycroft Holmes munching on some heavy snacks. A scene was shown when Mycroft and Sherlock having a bet on when Mycroft would die if he eats this much food. In early January, after the airing, fans speculated about Mycroft's death.

During that time, Mycroft reminded Sherlock to observe properly. "As ever, you see but do not observe. Note the discoloration of the white of my eyes, the visible rings of fat around the cornea," he mentioned.

Another thing written on Mycroft's notebook that was emphasized is the word, Vernet. This could refer to syndrome that may lead to the older brother's death.