The film release date for 'Frozen' 2 movie is reportedly delayed.

Demanding Excellence

Three years after the movie first released people still can't forget Disney's hit movie. Disney's CEO Robert Iger said that they are not rushing in creating the most awaited sequel of the hit animated musical film. In a previous interview, Igermentioned he wanted to make sure that the film is in its best quality.

Princess Anna of Arendelle voiceover actress, Kristen Bell, informed that she has yet to record songs. Princess Elsa of Arendelle voiceover, Idina Menzel revealed that the creators are still at the stage of writing the story.

Queen of Arendelle

Discussing the 'Frozen 2" story line, co-directors Jenifer Lee and Chris Buck reportedly revealed that the film's sole focus is on Queen Elsa. Rumors about the current Queen of Arendelle's death was dismissed.

Despite being cold-heart in the first film, fans should expect a livelier Elsa. The creators reportedly said that fans will be seeing Elsa having more fun and opening up to her sister. Like how she was during the 'Frozen Fever,' a Disney short film released in 2015.

Kristen Bell shared some information during a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Bell said that they're waiting to get their hands on the script. She also shared that the producers are taking their time to perfect the sequel. The film will still undergo a lot of development to be the exact story that needs to be told.

Bell also hoped that they start recording soon. Producers also hoped to create the right story line and incorporate really positive message for young people.

Frozen 2 Casts

What is known for now is the three main casts will be back to do the sequel. Kristen Bell as Princess Anna of Arendelle, Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa of Arendelle, and Chris Buck as Olaf. No other information yet regarding other cast or characters of the film.

Plot Theory

There has been no official plot aside from seeing Queen Elsa opening up to the world, a speculation was introduced about Elsa falling in love in the sequel. Another theory said that the story will focus on Anna (though creators already confirmed the film to focus on Elsa but still no further elaboration on the whole plot). Anna will soon find out that she's adopted and Tarzan will barge into Arendelle to claim his throne.

After the movie was released, fans already connected 'Frozen' to 'Tangled'. Fans also said they saw Rapunzel and Eugene entering the gates of Arendelle during the coronation day. No definite release date for the film yet.