Christ Central of Southern California, currently located in Artesia, CA, will be launching a multisite campus in Placentia, CA this fall.

The church plans to have the Placentia services at Valencia High School, and is currently awaiting the contract with the school to be signed and finalized. The Sunday services at Placentia will take place some time between 9 and 9:30 AM, the church said. Children’s ministry services for children aged 0 to approximately 10 years old (6th grade) will also be offered during the same time, while the church leaders hope to start youth ministry in the beginning of 2017. Harold Kim, the head pastor of Christ Central of Southern California (CCSC), will be preaching at the Placentia site as well as the Artesia site, the latter which will continue to hold services at 11 AM and 12:30 PM.

Christ Central of Southern California
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Christ Central of Southern California held a multisite vision meeting on Sunday (July 24), during which head pastor Harold Kim shared his vision, and congregants were able to ask questions about the multisite.

Kim said that he had hoped that CCSC would “be a reproducing church” since the beginning of his time as a pastor at the church. That hope began to materialize about two years ago when the church formed the first of several committees that would form to actualize the vision to be a reproducing church, called the ‘Offsite Exploratory Committee’ (OEC), comprising of lay leaders in the church.

For about a year and a half, the OEC considered whether there was a need for another church site, and how another church site should be launched if they did find that it was needed. Ultimately, the OEC — which later became the ‘Multisite Executive Team’ (MET) — decided to launch the multisite.

“In considering how Christ Central could best reach new communities, the OEC carefully evaluated many alternative approaches, engaging leaders at the church through informal surveys on what drew them to Christ Central,” the church explained in a Q&A page regarding the multisite on its website. “Overwhelmingly, key stakeholders mentioned the gospel-centered teachings of the pastoral staff led by Pastor Harold. With this in mind, a commissioned church plant with an unknown teaching pastor did not seem like the right approach at this time. A replication of Christ Central with the current pastoral staff seemed to be the most prudent approach for the church’s current life stage.”

Since then, the church has also formed the ‘Multisite Steering Committee’ (MSC), comprising of representatives from the session, church staff, diaconal board, the MET, and other groups within the church, and for a two-month period, Kim and members from the MSC visited small groups of the church congregation “to communicate, educate, and be transparent about the multisite process,” said David Song, the co-chair of the MSC.

CCSC also hosted a vision meeting regarding the multisite on Sunday, during which Kim shared his vision, and congregants were able to ask questions.

Ultimately, the purpose of launching the multisite is for evangelism, said Kim during the meeting.

“We found that church planting, or having a multisite, are among the best ways to reach more people for Christ,” he explained.

“Christian life has a mission while we’re still here on earth,” Kim added. “This is the point of CCSC. This is the point of my life, of your life.”

The church plans to have two soft launch services in October (October 9 and 23), and the official launch date is set for October 30.