Heal Our Land 2015
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Attendees praying at the

The multi-ethnic prayer gathering hosted by Korean churches last November at the Anaheim Convention Center will be taking place once again, this year on October 23 at 5 PM at the same location.

Over the years, Korean churches have played a supporting role and participated in various prayer movements including in Billy Graham's evangelistic event in 2004, the multi-ethnic prayer gathering that took place at the Rose Bowl in 2011, the multi-ethnic prayer gathering that took place in the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in 2014, and the Azusa Now prayer gathering which took place earlier this year. However, last year, Korean churches in Orange County, for the first time, hosted their own large-scale prayer gathering and invited leaders of other ethnic groups to join. This year will be the second such event.

Organizers said that the prayer meeting will be focused on repentance and revival in America according to the theme, "Heal Our Land," but added that it will also pray for the November elections, which is one of the reasons the prayer meeting will be held in late October this year as opposed to November.

Heal Our Land press conference 2016
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
A press conference regarding the October 23 'Heal Our Land' prayer gathering was hosted at Grace Ministries International on August 18.

Representatives of several Korean Christian organizations were present at a press conference that took place at Grace Ministries International on August 18, including Rev. Paul Kihong Han, the former president of the Korean Christian Council in America (KCCA); Rev. Ezra Kang, the president of Jesus Awakening Movement for America/All Nations (JAMA); and representatives from the Council of Korean Churches in Orange County, SOON Movement, Fire Crusade, Here I Am Youth Movement (HYM), and others. Leaders of other ethnic groups, including African American, Latino, Arab, and White leaders who participated in last year's event, were also present.

Last year, organizers estimated that some 3,500 attended the 'Heal Our Land' prayer gathering. Rev. Ezra Kang said that organizers are hoping some 6,000 will attend this year, and particularly that second generation Korean American church members and leaders would participate.

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