For those in the Korean immigrant community who have been wanting to become homeowners but have hesitated due to low income or bad credit, a non-profit in Los Angeles hopes to provide information and resources to empower them to buy homes.

That information will be available at Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD)'s 15th annual homeownership fair, which will be taking place on September 10 from 9 AM to 1 PM at Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

Hyepin Im, the president and CEO of KCCD, said that many in the Korean community may have hopes to buy a home some day, but rule it out as an impossibility due to low income or bad credit, and that a lack of fluency in English often prevents them from accessing the resources available to help them realize those hopes to own a home.

(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Hun Choi (left), a housing counselor in KCCD; Hyepin IM (center), the president and CEO of KCCD; and Johnny Kim (right), the regional production manager at U.S. Bank spoke at a press conference on Friday explaining the details of the upcoming homeownership fair.

"There are a lot of programs and resources available, and we want to share them with the community," said Im. "The American Dream can come true -- we've helped many people become homeowners over the past years." Im added that KCCD has helped homeowners with more than $1.4 million in downpayment, and educated more than 8,000 homebuyers.

The homeownership fair will feature seminars on the benefits of homeownership, how to fix or improve credit score, the resources available from the government and banks, and the various special loan products (such as no downpayment products) available, among others.