Five Chinese Christian detainees in Zhejiang province were released on August 28 after four months in prison.

Members of Yazhong Church in Wenzhou, Ji Qingcao, Ji Qingcou, Ou Jinsi, Mei Xueshun, and He Lijing were arrested in April on charges of "obstructing government administration" & "disturbing public order" after protesting a planned demolition of another church called Guankou Church in September 2015.

According to human rights organization, China Aid, local sources say that the releases came in time for the G20 summit to take place in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province during which world leaders will gather on Sunday to discuss issues surrounding the global economy.

Religious persecution has heightened since President Xi Jinping assumed office in 2013 with over 1,500 churches that have had their crosses removed.