Nabeel Qureshi
(Photo : Tburnham23 / Wikimedia / CC)
Nabeel Qureshi released a new video where he said that he believes that Jesus Christ listens to his prayers.

Christian evangelist Nabeel Qureshi released a 10-minute video on September 7, in which he provided details of his stage IV stomach cancer prognosis and treatment. He told his viewers that American Cancer Society statistics say that survival rate for people with stage IV stomach cancer was 4 percent, but he trusted in God to heal him.

He started seeing doctors since last December, but nothing serious was diagnosed until two weeks ago, when a gastroenterologist spotted "something very concerning," which after four days was confirmed as stage IV stomach cancer with what Qureshi described as a "grim" survival prognosis.

"Specifically, a poorly differentiated Adenocarcinoma, arising probably from the gastric cardia. So, the prognosis of survival to five years is 4 percent chance. So, I knew that I needed a miracle," he said.

Qureshi said that he was praying to God to heal him, as Jesus never turned anyone away who came to him to be healed.

"Am I saying God has to heal people? No, I am not saying that. God is sovereign. He can do whatever he wants. But the God that I have confidence in Yahweh, the Father. He is a healer. He stepped into this world and he was known for healing and never returned anyone away here on this earth. So I am praying to him - that God, asking him for healing."

He asked people to "ignore the numbers." He continued, "In fact, I woke up one night with the words on my lips, 'I will not take refuge in statistics, I will take refuge in my God.' And so that is what is carrying me through as well."

"If you ask me frankly, 'Do I think I will make it?' I would say, 'Yes.' Again, not because of statistics, but I have asked many people to pray, and those who are inclined to receive words from the Lord, have uniformly responded to me that they believe that the Lord is refining me in this time. He has allowed this to happen, not that he has caused it to happen, so that I would come on the other end much stronger."

Qureshi went on: "I believe. I believe in my God. I believe that he hears prayers, and so many of us are lifting me up in the prayers. And I believe there is more than hope here despite what the numbers say. And that is where I take my stand in Jesus Christ, the living God. So thank you so much for your prayers, thank you so much for your love and support."

He closed the video with prayers, and promised to give updates to his medical condition next week when he begins chemotherapy.