Five Detained in Connection with New York Bombing

Manhattan 2016 explosions
(Photo : C. Mendoza,VOA/Wikimedia/CC) Police officer gives instructions to passer-by as other police and fire crews work near scene of bomb explosion.

Five people were held for interrogation in connection with Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood bombing incident on Saturday that wounded 29 people, the local media reported.

Republican state Senator Mary Golden said in an Instagram post that the suspects were travelling by car when apprehended on the Belt Parkway near Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island.

The injuries caused by the explosion were not life-threatening. A few blocks away from the neighborhood, a pressure-cooker device was found which was removed safely by NYPD and FBI bomb technicians. Both of the devices were similar to the ones used during the 2013 Boston Marathon.

The CCTV cameras showed that both the garbage can bomb and the pressure cooker bomb were left on the sidewalks by the same man. Two men accompanied him when we brought the pressure cooker in a white garbage bag contained in duffel bag to West 27th Street.

"A bomb exploding in New York is obviously an act of terrorism, but it's not linked to international terrorism. In other words, we find no ISIS connection, et cetera," said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"But a bomb going off is generically a terrorist activity. That's how we'll consider it. And that's how we will prosecute it," he added.

It is not clear if the man spotted in the CCTV footage was among those detained by the police in Staten Island.

The same day, two other terrorist attacks were reported from the US. In Minnesota a man stabbed nine people at a shopping mall. He was identified as Dahir A. Adan, a 22-year-old student of Somali descent, who was later shot down by the police. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

In New Jersey, a pipe bomb went off at a garbage can in Seaside Park just before a charity race was about to begin.

Ocean County Prosecutor's office said that participants of the race would have been running past the place where the bomb exploded had the race not been delayed because of an unattended backpack that was also found in the area. No injuries were reported from the bombing attack. The race was nevertheless cancelled, and the area was cordoned off.

The two bombs planted in New York were both filled with shrapnel but the one in Seaside was different. No connection has yet been established between the New York and New Jersey incident.

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