Shalom Disability Ministries, a Korean ministry that has been giving wheelchairs and medical equipment to various countries since September of 1999, will be carrying out its ‘Sending Wheelchairs of Love’ project for the 34th time, sharing love with Burundi and China.

For the past 17 years, the ministry has donated 10,553 wheelchairs and 43,290 other medical equipment. Over 34 projects, the ministry has offered help by sending a total of 53,843 medical equipment to over 50,000 people with disabilities in 12 different countries.

“This kind of amazing result was made possible first of all by God’s grace, and second by the help of the churches, organizations, and members of the Korean community,” said Moses Park, the president of Shalom. “With $200, we are able to purchase one wheelchair, and two sets of crutch-like medical equipment, allowing us to help three people.”

This year, Shalom Disability Ministries will be sending a total of 3,542 equipment, including 642 wheelchairs, 550 aluminum crutches, 100 medical walkers, 1,500 canes, and others.