Good Community Church of Torrance revival
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Good Community Church of Torrance hosted its first revival event for English-speaking congregants from September 16 to 17 under the theme, 'Live in Love.'

A revival event featuring Pastor Stephen Chong of Revival Church took place from September 16 to 17 in the South Bay region, hosted by Good Community Church of Torrance, with about 170 people the first night, and about 140 the second night, from at least seven different churches.

Chong, who was the main speaker for both nights, encouraged the attendees to “have a culture of revival.”

“Revival is not just a night or two,” said Chong. “We want revival that’s sustained. And that is God’s will — to move us from glory to glory.”

During the second night of the event, he spoke from Matthew 21:12-16, a passage in which Jesus rebukes people who were buying and selling in the temple. He said there are two aspects the church must have in order to have revival: praise and prayer.

“You want your church to be alive? Give the Lord all out praise,” Chong said. He added, “All movements of revival start with prayer — revival always comes as an answer to prayer.”

Stephen Chong
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Pastor Stephen Chong was featured as the main speaker for the 'Live in Love' revival event hosted by Good Community Church of Torrance.

The revival nights also featured a testimony from Jun Lee, a staff of SOON Movement (formerly Korea Campus Crusade for Christ), and worship led by Undignified Tour, a worship ministry of SOON Movement. Lee shared testimonies from his journey after being diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), and the miracles of healing that he experienced as he felt compelled to pray for others.

“Today, I feel like I have stronger joy than yesterday,” Lee said. “Ever since I was diagnosed that joy has been growing.”

This is the first revival event hosted by the English ministry (EM) of Good Community Church, and was held under the theme, “Live in Love,” based on 1 John 4:16.

“Our goal was not to produce a revival event, but to bring the power of the gospel message to the people of the South Bay,” said Pastor Sang Boo of Good Community Church. “Revival is not about an event, but it is about life. And life is lived to its fullest when we live in love — to be loved by God and to be in love with God.”

“I hope and pray that people received the power of the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that they might be strengthened in faith, encouraged in hope, and healed in love,” Boo said, adding that the planning team for this year’s retreat hope to make the event a regular occurrence.