Hurricane Matthew Wreaks Havoc in Haiti, Expected to Make Landfall in the US

Hurricane Matthew
(Photo : Cyclonebiskit/Wikimedia/CC) Map plotting the track and intensity of the storm according to the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale

Hurricane Matthew has claimed five lives and has left thousands of people displaced in Haiti.

The storm has caused widespread damage in the country, and attained top speed of 145 mph (category four hurricane) before slowing down to 125 mph (category three hurricane).

"Haiti is facing the largest humanitarian event witnessed since the earthquake six years ago," said Mourad Wahba, the U.N. Secretary-General's Deputy Special Representative for Haiti.

Rural areas in Haiti were bore the brunt of deluge as people tried to walk their way through flooded streets onto safer places.

"What we know is that many, many houses have been damaged. Some lost rooftops and they'll have to be replaced while others were totally destroyed," Interior Minister Francois Anick Joseph said.

Transport to the interior areas was blocked as roads were inundated with water. Phone lines were down, and the reports of affected area could not be confirmed.

"The mobile network has also gone down. So what this means for us is that we're out of contact with our staff right now which is quite difficult and the bridge going down means it will be harder to move materials," Laura Sewel, an aid worker with Care Haiti, told BBC.

Haitian officials issued warnings before the storm struck the country, but many of the people did not want to leave their homes, and left the stricken areas only after arrival of the storm.

"Some people who lived by the sea are walking with their things through flooded streets looking for somewhere to go," said Iralien St. Louis who photographed the scene.

The storm made a landfall in Cuba on the night of October 4, but did not cause any extensive damage according to latest reports.

The hurricane is moving at about 8 mph towards the north and may reach the US later this week, between Thursday and Saturday.

The storm is expected to be weakened during the latter part of the week.

However, Florida and other eastern coast states are preparing to evacuate thousands of people in case the storm remains strong by the time it reaches these states.

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