Higher Calling Conference 2014
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Attendees of Higher Calling Conference in 2014 worshipping during one of the main plenary sessions.

SOON Movement (also known as Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, or KCCC) will be hosting its annual winter conference once again this year from December 20 to 23 at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, CA.

The Higher Calling Conference, which encourages young people to commit themselves to living for Christ, has drawn numerous youth and college students over the years, and some 1,300 gathered last year. This year, the conference will be held under the theme, ‘Resurgence,’ based on the theme verse Ezekiel 37:5-6.

“We want to see God giving and breathing new life into this generation,” said SOON Movement’s Los Angeles regional director Young Lee. “Many young people lost their hope and purpose, because they don’t know their identity and look for intimacy in other things rather than in God.”

"In some ways, many young people are already dead spiritually," said David Cho, one of the organizers of the conference and the national operations director of SOON Movement. "Instead of trying to flee from the temptations of the world, many are satisfied being a part of this world. This year, we want to explore and discover, how can we awaken these people again spiritually? How can we be spiritually restored?"

In particular, there are many areas of “brokenness” in young people’s lives that are in need of healing, the organizers said, such as brokenness in family, in sexuality, and in their personal relationships with God.

Speakers have also been invited according to the theme, organizers said. Jessica Harris, author of ‘Beggar’s Daughter,’ is known for speaking and writing openly about her previous addiction to pornography, for instance, and apologetics speaker and author Sean McDowell has also co-authored a book about sexuality called, ‘Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage.’ Both are among the main plenary session speakers, along with Maze, an author and magician; David Oh, senior pastor of Highland Cornerstone Church; and Dong Whan Kim, the national director of SOON Movement.

SOON Movement
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
(From left to right: David Cho, Young Lee, Jongsul Park) Staff of SOON Movement shared details of the upcoming Higher Calling Conference.

“Unless these various areas of brokenness are addressed, we cannot shine the light of Jesus,” said Lee. “And when they are addressed, they become part of that redemptive story to share with others. But we ourselves must experience grace first.”

“We hope that many people can come and experience the true grace that sets them free from the guilt and shame, and for them to be renewed in God’s presence,” he added. “We pray that they would experience true intimacy in God, and have a time of healing, as well as pruning.”

Elective seminars will also discuss similar topics, as well as broader spiritual and mission-related topics, including depression and inner healing, purity, sexuality, the history of missions, discerning God’s calling, and a survey of the Old and New Testaments.

Meanwhile, organizers have held two luncheons in recent weeks with local church Korean American pastors regarding the conference. SOON Movement also has been partnering with local churches to host Higher Calling Conferences for youth students in other regions. It hosted one in San Diego earlier this year in April, will also host conferences in Bakersfield (October 29) and Hawaii (January 6 to 7).

Higher Calling Conference will also take place in Santa Clara (December 27-30), Atlanta (December 21-24), and New York (January 4 to 7).