(Photo : Courtesy of KFAM)
Teenagers participated in a craft activity during a seminar led by KFAM professionals at Holliston United Methodist Church.

Professionals from a non-profit visited a Korean immigrant church on October 14 to educate the youth members on healthy teen dating and raise awareness of abuse situations in dating.

The session, led by Korean American Family Services (KFAM), took place at Holliston United Methodist Church in Pasadena, CA with members of the church’s youth group and their parents.

The youth and parents were separated into two groups, and the youth in particular participated in a craft activity in which they used various materials to express their thoughts on healthy relationships, and on how they can help others to avoid dating violence.

“KFAM is planning on continuing to partner with Korean churches in the future to raise awareness of dating violence, and to host seminars on healthy relationships and healthy dating,” said the organization in a statement.