The multi-ethnic prayer gathering organized by Korean church leaders which took place on October 23 has resulted in a deficit of $28,611.59 as of November 10. The event brought in $59,256.96 in funds through donations, advertisements, and offering given by attendees on the day of the event, but expenditures for the event totaled $87,868.55. The deficit seems to be resolvable, as some $21,000 in funds have yet to be received for advertisements on the event pamphlets, and donations from some Korean churches which have already committed to contribute have yet to be received as well.

Organizers who hosted the event reported the financial circumstances of the event during an evaluation meeting on November 10 at Grace Ministries International.

Churches and church organizations were reported to have donated a considerable amount for the event. According to the financial report, the Korean Christian Council in America and Grace Ministries International made a joint contribution of $5,000. It can be said that the two organizations made the contribution together since Rev. Paul Gihong Han is the senior pastor of Grace Ministries International as well as the president of a prayer ministry within the Korean Christian Council in America. Grace Ministries International also gave another $5,000 donation separately.

LA Full Gospel Church, Bethel Korean Church, New Life Vision Church, and Sa-Rang Community Church each gave $2,000 in donations. A notable distinction with these churches is that they have given significant amounts in donations, yet the senior pastors did not participate as speakers or leaders of prayer topics during the event. Over the years, there have been several instances in which those who gave a set amount of donations to events hosted by Korean churches asked to be speakers at the events, or the opposite, those who were invited to be speakers at certain events were asked to financially contribute to the events. Rev. Chang-Soo Roh, the senior pastor of Sa-Rang Community Church, sat around the center of the seating area at the prayer gathering and prayed with his congregants, while the English ministry pastor of Sa-Rang was featured as one of the prayer leaders. This event received some $19,400 in donations from 19 churches and three organizations.

Eight ministries and four businesses sponsored the event through advertisements on the event pamphlet. Organizers received $19,332 from advertisements and are still waiting on some $21,000. Those who attended the event gave a total of $15,524.96 in offering. Some 1,500 attended this year’s event.

The financial report also states that $58,379.49 was spent on needs for the event itself. Included in that cost was $14,000 in rental fees paid to the convention center, and $36,000 in using broadcast and sound equipment.

Organizers spent some $3,251.37 to host several intercessory prayer meetings and other planning meetings, and also spent $4,333.94 in making banners and posters. Promotion of the event through radio stations, newspapers, and TV cost $11,500 and resulted in the second to greatest expense after the amount spent for the needs of the event itself. Out of the individual expenses, organizers spent most on printing the 16-page color event pamphlets, which cost $3,700.

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