Tapestry LA celebrated its two year anniversary on Sunday with an evening of testimonies, prayer, food, musical performances, and a presentation of a new beginning — a new building for the church.

The celebration service, which took place from 4 to 8 PM, was divided into two parts, with a worship service in the first portion, and a dinner event in the second portion. Pastor Keith Park from Church of Southland was featured as the guest speaker during the worship service.

Tapestry LA also celebrated its new location in downtown Los Angeles, and held tours around the new building as well as a presentation of the building to those who attended the service.

“Our hope and desire is to be a part of the renewal process of that area,” the church stated on its website.

Being a church that is involved with the city has been one of the aspects that Tapestry LA and its leaders have focused on even at its current location in the Westlake area. The church has regularly had meetings in which the members engaged with and prayed for individuals in the community called ‘Love Westlake.’ This aspect is something the church plans to continue focusing on.

“Our hope is to reach the city of LA with the love of Jesus,” said Pastor Charles Choe, the lead pastor of Tapestry LA. “We hope to have a kingdom presence in the area, as we preach the Gospel and work towards justice and community development in the area.”

The church leaders plan to officially move into the new location in the beginning of 2017.