About 170,000 people attended the three-day Gospel event 'Love Joy Peace Festival' and heard Franklin Graham preach at the Myanmar Convention Center in Yangon between November 18 and 20, according to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

The BGEA also reported that 7,600 people made decisions for Christ during the weekend event.

The event was held with the help and participation of 440 churches across Myanmar. Many attendees had come from remote places and made it to the venue after a two-week's journey.

The participating churches said that they had prayed unceasingly for over a year for this event, and had also brought friends and neighbors as guests.

Graham gave the message that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He died and took sins of mankind on the Cross, and that those who believe in Him are forgiven of their sins.

"Many of you here tonight are going through your life blindly. And if you don't change the direction of your life tonight, your life could be destroyed. But tonight you have a chance to come to Jesus Christ," Graham said on the closing night of the festival.

"He will cleanse your heart. He will guide you and direct you. And if you're willing to believe by faith in Jesus Christ tonight, He'll forgive your sins. You can have a new life and a new beginning," he continued.

The idea to hold a large-scale evangelistic event in Myanmar took shape in 2013, when BGEA was holding a similar event in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A large donation for the event was brought in by Christians from Myanmar which is among the poorest countries of Asia.

"[The Burmese Christians] don't have a ton of money, but they had made a collection in their churches to bring a gift to a much wealthier church in Chiang Mai," said Sean Campbell of BGEA-affiliated Samaritan's Purse. "And it moved Franklin. And he said, 'By God's grace, we'll do a Festival in Myanmar in 2016.'"

The goal of conducting such a large scale event seemed kind of impossible at the time, given the political situation in the country.

Myanmar was a military dictatorship at the time, as it had been for the last five decades, and was closed to the outside world. Christians were subjected to numerous government regulations in the predominantly Buddhist nation.

However, slowly barriers were removed one after the other and a new democratic government was established in 2015.

The BGEA says that the event was made possible because of the faith of the small number of Christians who had been praying for years for such a breakthrough.

"There is no way this could have come together-no way this could have come together--without God's hand in it," Campbell said.