Donald Trump picked Christian philanthropist and activist Betsy DeVos to head the education department, but Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said he was also approached for the post.

Falwell said that he could not take up the offer because he was not ready for four-to-eight years of commitment and could only promise two years of engagement in the cabinet.

According to Religion News Service, he agreed to an advisory position, which is "a role that allows [him] to influence education policy but remain at Liberty." Falwell did not divulge further details of his responsibilities.

He has been a staunch supporter of Trump throughout the campaign and began endorsing Trump since January. Not only did Falwell continue to support him in spite of controversies and opposition from university students, he also campaigned for Trump.

The Liberty University students wrote a letter expressing their opposition to the school's apparent association with Trump because of Falwell's position on him, which ran contrary to many of the students' perspective.

Falwell also cited some personal reasons for being reluctant to head the education department.

"My wife and 16-year-old daughter also had concerns about the disruption to our lives that might result," he said.

"In all candor, we could've worked something out on the term for the secretary post, but the family really didn't want me to go."

Falwell said that DeVos is an "excellent choice" for the position of Secretary of Education.

"For the record," he said, "I believe Betsy DeVos is an excellent choice to be the Secretary of Education."