Korean Pastors, Ministers, and Seminarians Gain Knowledge on Domestic Violence Prevention

KFAM pastors domestic violence retreat
(Photo : Courtesy of KFAM)
An attendee of the recent retreat for pastors regarding domestic violence prevention makes a presentation on a small group project.

About 25 Korean pastors, seminary students, and their spouses attended a two-day retreat on domestic violence prevention from December 8 to 9 at the Holy Spirit Retreat Center, located in Encino, CA.

The retreat was hosted by Korean American Family Services (KFAM), a non-profit which offers counseling services, foster care services, and awareness seminars, among other services, and was offered free of charge with the financial support of the Blue Shield Foundation and the Overseas Koreans Foundation to help raise awareness of domestic violence among the Korean pastoral community.

Those who attended the retreat were able to learn more on the forms, patterns, and cycles of domestic violence, and also heard about actual incidents of abuse that have occurred in Korean families and couples.

“KFAM believes that the role of Korean churches in raising awareness and preventing domestic violence is significant,” the organization stated. “We plan to have a conference related to the topic during the early half of next year, and another retreat during the latter half.”

KFAM also hosted a 40-hour training on domestic violence specifically for pastors earlier this year from August to November, during which Korean pastors learned on various aspects that relate to domestic violence, including the history of domestic violence, responsibilities of the perpetrator, safety measures, and legal support, among others.

KFAM pastors domestic violence retreat
(Photo : Courtesy of KFAM)
KFAM hosted a retreat for pastors and seminary students on the topic of domestic violence prevention from December 8 to 9.

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