Stepping Stone Mission, a non-profit which reaches out to those who are homeless, held a seminar on December 18 at Korean Community Presbyterian Church of Atlanta on how to prepare youth for mission trips.

Stepping Stone Mission has led efforts to help those who are homeless get on a path to recovery and has helped them decide to live a new life.

This recent seminar was attended by staff, youth, and organizers from Sae Han Presbyterian Church, New Days Church, Johns Creek Korean Church, and Korean Community Presbyterian Church.

Hyung Il Park from Central Presbyterian Church in Washington was featured as the main speaker during the seminar. Park is known to have volunteered at Stepping Stone’s various seminars and events.

“For youth and young adults, body worship and praise is like self-realization. And they are receiving greater motivation as they go out to the training seminars and evangelism events and are moved by what they see,” Park said. “At first, many were afraid of those who are homeless. But when the students in the mission team overcame their fears and went out, God poured out his heart of love for those souls, and they were able to embrace the people they met and pray with them.”

Meanwhile, a mission team of 13 including Park began their mission trip reaching out to homeless individuals starting December 19 and have been participating in spiritual training sessions for those who are homeless.