New Hope Church, a Korean immigrant church located in Maryland, gave $18,000 to Korean American Food for the Hungry International (KAFHI), a donation which will be used to provide aid to victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. The nation suffered a significant earthquake in 2010 during which some 220,000 died and 300,000 were injured, but it experienced yet another trial as Hurricane Matthew swept through the nation even before it completely healed from the earthquake.

Upon hearing the news, New Hope Church decided to raise funds to help those in Haiti, despite the fact that the church had planned to remodel its sanctuary in the near future. Church members held a yard sale to fundraise, and the funds will be used to restore villages in the southwestern area of the country, and to provide food, water, and medical supplies.

“Even now, there are countless refugees and orphans who are yearning to receive warm love,” said Rev. Seung Ho Chung of KAFHI. “In East Africa, Syria, Indonesia, and other areas, women and children are groaning and awaiting a helping hand in the midst of war and disaster.”