President-elect Donald Trump will attend an inaugural prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral on Jan 21, which is a day after the official swearing-in ceremony, according to the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

The national prayer service will be held at Washington National Cathedral and will be the last of the five-day events to mark his inauguration.

The cathedral will host the ceremonies in accordance with traditions but Trump also requested inclusion of multi-faith prayer to signal his dedication towards working with people of all faiths.

Speaking about the policy of the inauguration ceremony, Johnnie Moore, a member of Trump's evangelical advisory board, said that "it's going to be reconciliatory ... the president-elect's commitment to having a presidency for all Americans."

"This will truly be a powerfully uniting moment for the American people. We will celebrate our country, its diverse and patriotic heritage, our democracy and the inaugural process as the greatest display of a peaceful transfer of partisan power in the world. We will stand together as a nation behind President-elect Donald Trump and his vision of a better future for every American," said inauguration committee chairman Tom Barrack in a statement.

The Washington Episcopal Bishop and overseer of the cathedral, Mariann Budde, released a brief statement about the event:

"The Inaugural Prayer Service is a moment for our next president to pause and contemplate the incredible responsibility he has been entrusted with and to listen as the faith community offers prayers for the office of the president," said Kevin Eckstrom, the cathedral's chief communications officer.

The five-day festivities will begin on January 17, with dinners to honor the President-elect and Vice President-elect, and other cabinet members, followed by inaugural balls including a "Salute to the Armed Services" ball, and a "Make America Great Again!" celebration at Lincoln Memorial.

The celebrations will conclude with the national prayer service at the cathedral.