As Milal Mission has awarded $138,600 in scholarships in 2017, the total amount that the ministry has given in scholarships since 2001 has exceeded $2 million, amounting to some $2,097,000.

Every year, Milal has gathered funds through a fundraising night and through its supporters, giving scholarships to students with disabilities. This year’s scholarship award ceremony took place at Thanksgiving Church on January 16 at 11 AM.

“If you believe God exists, seek Him,” Young Gil Kim, the senior pastor of Thanksgiving Church, said at the worship service which took place right before the award ceremony.

“The fact that, even in difficult circumstances, the funds for this Milal scholarship are prepared wholeheartedly each year, supporting and encouraging countless students with disabilities, is an act of true faith in God,” Kim added. “I hope that the scholarship recipients would have greater faith, study hard, and carry out amazing works for God and for the world.”

This year, 11 students with disabilities received $3,600 each in scholarships, and the ‘Ggoom-Na-Moo Scholarship’ was given to 37 students, who were given $1,100 each. Scholarships of $2,000 each, given with the support of J&J, were awarded to two students. Ten students residing in South Korea received $1,000 in scholarships each, and 10 students living in third-world countries also received scholarships for the same amount. Scholarships to cultivate leaders in ministries aiding those with disabilities were given to 15 individuals, who received $1,500 each. With these and other awards, a total of 95 individuals received scholarships, totaling to $138,600.

“We’re grateful to God that, through the love and support of so many, 95 students with disabilities were able to receive the benefit of scholarships,” Milal stated. “We hope that scholarship recipients would receive even greater hope and vision as they dedicate themselves to their studies.”

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