The Korean Christian community in Southern California has gained 23 more advocates trained to prevent domestic violence and to build healthier families.

Korean American Family Services (KFAM) and the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America (PTSA) have partnered together and hosted a 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training from January 9 to 13 at the PTSA campus. PTSA opened up the training session as a special winter program for current students and alumni who wish to be more informed about how to better provide help for victims of domestic violence, and how to prevent future cases.

(Photo : Courtesy of KFAM)
The 40 hour training took place from January 9 to 13 at the PTSA campus.

The training took place from 9 AM to 5 PM for five days, during which the participants were able to learn about domestic violence from various angles, including historical, psychological, societal, and legal perspectives. In particular, the training explored specific topics such as child abuse and its influence, teen dating violence, the history of domestic violence, safety measures for victims, [immigration and prosecution law], and the counseling resources that are available for victims, among other topics. Those who attended the training were also able to listen to examples of actual instances of domestic violence faced by clients who sought help at KFAM, and the ways that KFAM provided help through counseling and legal measures.

“We opened up this specialization course as a special winter seminar to help increase the capacity of our students and graduates as they serve, but the interest level was so high that we had a waiting list,” said Sang Meyng Lee, the president of PTSA. “We plan to provide special seminars in various fields to help increase the capacity of our students to be able to prepare for and solve the problems that they will face in their ministries.”

Connie Chung Joe, the executive director of KFAM, said that “partnering with the Korean church community is so important to prevent domestic violence.”

“We want to continue to partner with the Korean church community in diverse ways in the future, and join efforts to build healthy Korean families, a healthy society, and healthy churches,” she added.

(Photo : Courtesy of KFAM)
Students and alumni of PTSA participated in the recent 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training hosted by KFAM. Twenty-three received certificates of completion.

KFAM is an organization officially recognized by the state of California to host a 40 hour professional training session on domestic violence intervention and prevention, and provided certificates of completion to those who participated in this recent training.

KFAM has hosted other programs with the Korean Christian community, including retreats and conferences to equip Korean ministers to prevent future cases of domestic violence and to help those who have already faced domestic violence.