As this newspaper celebrated its 13th anniversary on January 23, it committed to “become a newspaper that shares life and joy to the immigrant community and to a dark world.”

Christianity Daily, which was established on January 23, 2004, had previously hosted worship services to celebrate its anniversaries with leaders in the church and local communities. However, the worship service was simplified this year as staff are preparing for a forum in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Yu Chul Chin
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Rev. Yu Chul Chin preached the sermon during Christianity Daily's 23rd anniversary worship service.

The service included a special song by Rev. Won Chul Ma of Palm Springs All Nations Church, followed by a sermon by Rev. Yu Chul Chin of LA Full Gospel Church. Rev. David Oh of Southern California Bethel Church shared congratulatory remarks.

Chin preached on Philippians 1:3-6, and shared the secret to why the Apostle Paul, who was imprisoned when writing the letter, was actually able to remain joyful.

“Paul was confident that God was with him, and through his faith and gratitude toward God, Paul was able to free himself from being discouraged at the injustice he was facing,” Chin said. “And even within the prison, Paul was able to experience fullness in the Lord.”

“I hope you will be a newspaper that, rather than exposing the negative aspects of people and dwells on discouragement in unjust situations, delivers a message of joy that changes and saves lives through the fullness of Christ,” said Chin.

After being established in 2004, Christianity Daily has expanded its reach and currently has branches in New York, Atlanta, Seattle, and other regions in the U.S. In Los Angeles, Christianity Daily has a website that is updated daily, and a newspaper that is published weekly.

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