Renowned author and pastor Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church will no longer be serving as the senior pastor of the New York City church starting this summer, Keller announced on Sunday.

In a written statement posted on the church website, Keller shared that he will be serving full-time through the Redeemer City to City ministry “to teach and train the next generation of leaders and pastors who will accelerate a movement of church planting and gospel renewal for the good of the city.”

He also shared that the church will transition from being a three-campus multisite church, to three separate, independent churches with their own senior pastors and elder boards.

“The mission of Redeemer has always been to be a church that serves the city,” said Keller in the statement. “Starting July 1, we will embody that mission in a new form by actualizing our long-stated plan of shifting from being a single large church with multiple congregations to becoming a family of smaller churches.”

Of his new full-time position at Redeemer City to City, Keller said: “Through the Rise Campaign we embarked on together last year, we laid out a strategy of hundreds of churches from various denominations starting over the next ten years — churches that exist not for themselves but for the city. I am honored to take my place in that strategy as a teacher and trainer, while also continuing to have a presence and teaching role in the three Redeemer churches.”

“The gospel is a living force, always sending and giving — and as I am sent in a new way now, so is every member of Redeemer, to love and serve this great city,” Keller added.

Bethany Jenkins, a member of Redeemer and director of the Faith & Work Initiative of The Gospel Coalition, shared the news on Sunday through Twitter: “Big day for @RedeemerNYC, as @timkellernyc announced he’s stepping down as senior pastor as of July 1.”

Keller also responded to tweets regarding his transition. One Twitter user commented, “Sad to see @timkellernyc in a lesser role, but excited to see how he’s shaped what’s coming next,” to which Keller replied, “Not sure this is a lesser role. Raising up a new crop of leaders and speaking into the lives of Redeemer peeps.”

Another user asked, “@timkellernyc, now that the pulpit of @RedeemerNYC is gone will @RedeemerCTC have more or less of you?”

“I’ll have more time for many different endeavors including @RedeemerCTC,” Keller responded, referring to the City to City ministry.