Aiming to partner with the Korean churches in Southern California, Good Neighbors will seek them out where they’re at by personally joining them in their worship services.

Called ‘Sharing the Love Worship Night,’ the campaign will involve staff of Good Neighbors visiting various churches’ Wednesday night, Friday night, or Sunday services (or other gatherings during the week). The staff are open to visiting not only church gatherings, but also meetings of other non-profit organizations. A unique characteristic of the campaign is that the organization aims not to make their own plans and schedule, but to follow that of the churches and organizations who request their program. Hence, the staff can make themselves available even for early morning services, and any other gatherings throughout the week.

During the service, the staff will present a short video on the lives of young children in impoverished nations, and will set aside a time to commit to support the work that Good Neighbors does in those nations.

Good Neighbors was established in South Korea in 1991. The organization has 185 offices in 35 countries, and provides humanitarian assistance. It offers a chance for members of churches to go on overseas mission trips with Good Neighbors staff, and also offers opportunities for those who sponsor children through the organization to personally meet them.

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