Churches belonging to presbyteries of the Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad (KPCA) in the New York region have once again hosted a revival event in Masaya, Nicaragua for the first time in three years, from February 25 to 26. Some 22,000 Masaya area residents attended the conference over the two days.

The churches had organized the revival events seven consecutive years from 2008 to 2014, leading countless people to Christ. This year’s event, like the previous ones, featured pastoral seminars, teaching seminars, medical and dental screenings, nail art, personal evangelism, eye exams, intercessory prayer, and hair services, among other activities.

A mission team comprising of 70 members of churches in various regions such as New York, Chicago, and South Korea, ministered to the people in Masaya with one heart and as one team. The team included church members from Yale Korean Presbyterian Church of New York, Sansung Church in Busan, and Korean Presbyterian Church of Westchester, among other churches.

Attendees traveled from not only the nine cities located in Masaya, but also outer cities, and 227 buses were mobilized to bring attendees to the event.
The first day saw some 12,000 in attendance, while the second day drew about 10,000. A total of 454 individuals received Jesus as their Lord during the event, and 73 people were baptized.

“I want to express my gratitude from the deepest place of my heart to those who have served through prayer, offering, and physical presence,” said missionary Dong-Hong Lee. “The phrase that I can still hear ringing in my ear, ‘Masaya para Cristo,’ will be my rallying cry for missions and is the path that I will have to tread.”