The organizations that would receive charitable funds from Open Stewardship Foundation have been selected and announced. Open Stewardship Foundation has been working to give back to the community by giving 10 percent of the profits of Open Bank to organizations that serve their local communities each year. Open Bank and Open Stewardship Foundation have given $366,000 to 45 organizations this year, making the total that they have given back over the past six years to amount to $1,726,000. The 45 organizations that have been selected will be awarded the funds at Open Bank’s office on Western Avenue on March 23.

Among the organizations that were selected to receive funds this year included Milal Mission, Hope Sight Mission, The Well Mission, Korean American Family Services, Koreatown Youth and Community Center, and Somang Society.

“In this year’s selection process once again, we prioritized those organizations that serve the marginalized in the community, and those that have integrity and have been faithful,” Open Stewardship Foundation stated. “We also particularly examined the way that previous recipients of the funds used the money that they received.”

“We at Open Bank will not only provide support through financial means, but our staff will serve and run together with the community,” said Min Kim, the CEO of Open Bank.

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