The Christian company Lee’s Mortuary will be selecting scholarship recipients to provide financial support to undocumented Korean students. The company aims to encourage and support those Korean students who have suffered particularly due to the recent anti-immigrant executive orders.

Those who wish to apply can do so by submitting letters of recommendation from pastors and other community leaders, as well as an essay written in Korean introducing the applicant’s dreams and current situation, to The application period is from April 1 to May 30, and recipients will be selected by June 5. Awards will be given on June 10 at Lee’s Mortuary’s headquarters in Orange. The company has prepared $10,000 to give scholarships of $500 to 20 students.

“I wanted to show that even a small Korean business like ours has the desire to participate in the pain of undocumented students, and to support and encourage them,” said Dong Joo Lee, the CEO of Lee’s Mortuary.

The mortuary, which was established in 1966, provides services in Los Angeles, Orange County, Atlanta, and Chicago, and also offers funeral services at the homes or churches of the deceased.