GIFT Counseling & Wellness Centers held its first ‘Eureka’ Conference for young adults. The conference, which focused on the mental and relational health of young adults, took place on March 11 for English speakers, and will take place again on April 1 for Korean speakers. Some 150 attended the March 11 conference at Sa-Rang Community Church in Anaheim, CA.

The main speakers for the event included the two founders of GIFT — Dr. Lydia Chun, a clinical psychologist, and Dr. Joseph Chun, a medical doctor — who shared their professional expertise, personal experiences, and spiritual perspective during the sessions. The attendees, who also participated in small groups, learned about ways to become more self-aware; discovering my inner child; restoring a right image of God; and developing a healthy emotional and spiritual life; among other topics.

“Many young adults are leaving the church. Some have a negative perspective about marriage as they see their parents or their peers who are already married,” said Dr. Lydia Chun. “We must examine whether we have a distorted view of self, of others, and of God, before getting married.”

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