Korean Bethel Presbyterian Church, located in Aloha, Oregon, launched a special ministry on April 15, the day before Easter.

The congregation celebrated Easter not only within the church walls, but also invited members of the community to rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus together. A diverse group of community members gathered at the church parking lot for the celebration.

It was the first time the church attempted such an event, but organizers found that the food they prepared for 250 people fell short.

The event featured various activities and programs, including taekwondo demonstrations, traditional Korean dances and instrument performances, worship dances, an egg hunt, and face painting, among others.

Among those who came to the event included the elderly, those with disabilities, and military servicemen, as well as people from various ethnic backgrounds, such as Latino, Filipino, and Iranian individuals. Many of those who attended were able to hear the gospel.

“Even though we’re all Americans living in this place, we weren’t able to have an event like this before because there was no pivotal leader,” said one attendee, thanking the church for hosting the event.

“It was a rewarding experience being able to do something that the church should definitely do for the greater community,” said one of the church members.