All Nations Church in Lake View Terrace, CA is undergoing yet another transformation for the next generation. After Rev. Jinso Yoo, who had successfully established a rare ‘co-lead pastor system,’ left to Korea, Rev. Tae Kim has been leading the congregation on his own since October 23. Six months later, however, after Rev. Michael Lee was inaugurated into the lead pastoral role in the English ministry (also called All Nations Community Church) on April 23, the church has taken on yet another look.

Previously, the co-lead pastor system at ANC consisted of two pastors who did not take on authoritative and submissive roles, but rather, equal ones. Yoo, who is a first generation Korean, oversaw and led the church as a whole, while Kim, a 1.5 generation Korean American, focused mostly on the second generation Korean American members. But during the six years that the two worked together, Kim also ministered to the first generation Korean members in the church, preaching often in the Korean language services. In actuality, the two ministered to the members of the church together, without much of a barrier between the first and second generation. Thanks to the former system, the church was able to avoid any significant confusion even after Yoo — who had planted and significantly cultivated the church — had left.

All Nations Church
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Rev. Michael Lee (left) was inaugurated as the lead pastor for the English ministry of All Nations Church. Rev. Tae Kim (right) serves as the senior pastor of ANC.

This time, ANC appointed Michael Lee as the lead pastor of ANCC. Lee, who is a second generation Korean American, has already worked together with Kim for three years. With Lee’s inauguration, the church — which was once led by a first generation and 1.5 generation partnership — is now led by a partnership between the 1.5 generation and second generation. The personality of the leadership structure also changed a bit, from a co-pastoring personality, to a team pastoring one. While Kim is leading the church as a whole, Lee is heading the English ministry.

“I am the senior pastor, but it’s more accurate to say we’re doing a team ministry where we build up each other’s strengths and complement each other’s weaknesses,” said Kim. “All of the authority and responsibility needed is given to Pastor Michael in order for him to carry out the ministry that EM really needs.”

As for whether the EM would become completely independent in the future, Kim said, “We are moving in that direction, but our congregation would need more time to consider that.”

“There were a lot of unknowns, but I trusted the Lord that he was doing the right thing,” Kim said regarding his transition into a single senior leadership role.

“What I would love for our church, for both of our congregations, is not the gospel talked and preached church, but the gospel applied church, right here in this place,” said Kim.

“God has been good to our church,” Kim said. “There’s momentum, and that’s only by God’s grace.”

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