Korean Church Community Intercedes on Behalf of America and Korea

The Korean church community in Southern California gathered at Junimseun Church on May 4 to observe the National Day of Prayer (NDOP). An estimated 47,000 gatherings took place across the nation in observance of the 66th National Day of Prayer, under the theme, “For Your Great Name’s sake! Hear Us, Forgive Us, Heal Us!”

Leaders of the Korean church community led prayers during the two-hour prayer service which began at 7:30 PM. The service was divided into three parts, with the first focusing on praying for repentance and revival in America, and for the church and culture. The second portion focused on praying for America’s leaders: the President, Vice President, members of the cabinet, the Supreme Court justices, members of Congress, and military leaders. Leaders of Los Angeles and California were also prayed for during the second portion. The third portion of the service focused on praying for Korea: for the presidential elections, the nation’s security, reunification in the Korean peninsula, the issue of the nuclear weapons program in North Korea, and the Korean church.

National Day of Prayer 2017
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Rev. Ki-Hyung Han, the senior pastor of LA Dong San Church, leading prayers at the gathering of the Korean church community that took place on the National Day of Prayer at Junimseun Church.

The Council of Korean Churches in Orange County's Rev. Ki-Dong Kim, who led prayers for the U.S. President, asked that President Trump would be “filled with the Holy Spirit and be a leader that fulfills God’s will.” Rev. Ki-Hyung Han, the senior pastor of LA Dong San Church, added, “President Trump is fulfilling the restoration of religious freedom in America. Many of those in the administration are also Christian.”

“Let us not only pray for the current leader of America, but let us also pray that our children would also become leaders of this nation,” Han added.

With the overlapping issues of pressures from the U.S. regarding nuclear weapons in North Korea, threats to security within Korea, and the Korean presidential elections, the desperation in the prayers were all the more evident. Some 250 gathered at this service and prayed fervently with raised hands and voices that God would protect and restore America and Korea.

National Day of Prayer 2017
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
About 250 gathered at the prayer service on May 4, 2017 at Junimseun Church in observance of the National Day of Prayer.

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