Five years since the first SOLA Conference for college students took place, pastors from ten local churches in Southern California are working together to host the first SOLA Nexus, a conference for post-college young adults.

“When the SOLA Council got together, we recognized the lack of ministry opportunities for young adults outside of the local church,” said Richard Kim, the lead pastor of Gospel Life Mission Church. Kim, along with five other pastors of five different local churches, make up the SOLA Council, which is the most senior level of leadership in what is known as the SOLA Network. The network also hosts and organizes the SOLA Conference and offers resources online.

“When we looked at the landscape, there was a lot of stuff going on for college students and even for married couples, but there really wasn’t much for young adults,” Kim said, “and we were wondering, ‘Could this be a barrier for young adults in growing to be the disciples that God wants them to be?’”

SOLA Nexus, which will be taking place under the theme, “Connected to God, Connecting to Others,” will take on characteristics of both a retreat and a conference, with plenary sessions and seminars like those of a conference, as well as small group sessions with members of differing churches, like those of a retreat.

“When you’re a single young adult, your access to community becomes limited. You’re not with a roommate or on the college campus anymore, and you barely have enough time to even hang out with your close friends,” Kim said of the need for a space for young adults to connect on a smaller scale during the event.

During the main sessions, speakers such as Paul Kim, the lead pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in San Diego; Alex Choi, the lead pastor of Sovereign Grace in Los Angeles; and Ray Causly, the co-lead pastor of Living Way Community Church in Los Angeles will aim to point young adults to connect with God.

Meanwhile, the small group sessions – which will be led and facilitated by lay leaders of the various churches of Southern California – will be a space in which the young adults could connect with one another, organizers hope. Small group leaders will receive training guidelines and resources prior to the conference.

Topics that young adults may commonly discuss – pre-marriage counseling, work-life balance, being a witness in the workplace, and being content in singlehood, among others – will be explored during seminars.

SOLA Nexus will take place from June 2 to 3 at Living Hope Community Church. For more information, visit