1) If you don’t pray because you are busy, you will lose confidence in your calling and your priority will be lost.
“The apostles were devoted to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.”(Acts 6: 4).
Because it was the most important thing.
If we replace prayer and the Word with other busy things, we will be dealing time with quantity rather than quality.

2) If you do not pray, you will be separated from holiness.
The ministry without prayer becomes an act of absence of the motive, and it seems to be nothing more than legalism, even if it appears holy on the outside. Life without prayer has words but no power. Becomes holiness without power. Fear comes on then.

3) If we do not pray, we are separated from God.
You begin to experience the relationship as if it went distant from your side, rather than God leaving you.
It brings a sense of distance that makes you hide yourself from God.
When you stop praying, your spirit moves away from worship and begins to deviate from all holy acts. Fear comes on then.

4) If we do not pray, we will depend more on things other than God.
Where there is no spiritual breathing through prayer, the struggle of the choked soul leads to whatever they can rely and hold onto. However, as long as you have forsaken the privilege to pray, nothing seems to work out no matter what you rely on. Fear comes on then.

5) If you do not pray, you will endlessly raise yourself.
A saint who neglects prayer must start exalting ‘self’.
Unless you are practicing to see the world from the perspective of God in the place of prayer, the sight becomes narrower. The spirit that prayer has disappeared is always the one who knows only himself. Fear comes on then.

6) If we do not pray, we will manifest our self, not God.
When the people of the Holy Spirit do not communicate with Him through prayer, they begin to take their own actions.
The problem is that most of it reflects the secular desires of the self. Fear comes on then.

7) The man of the Holy Spirit who has left prayer loses spirit and turns the wheels of the world like Samson miserably (Jdgs 16: 21-28).
When there is no prayer, he calls out his own name, not Jesus Christ. Fear comes on then. Fear comes when you do not pray.

Glory without suffering is fake. Resurrection without death is a lie. When you follow Jesus, you become heirs of the kingdom of heaven. Our Jesus is the one who prayed at dawn, busy but forced, with a habit. Those who feared God always prayed. Daniel prayed when he was about to be thrown into a lion 's cave. The righteous prayed.

The person of prayer is brave.
Go into the closet. Do not be afraid of the shadow of death, but spread the cushion of prayer in search of the shadow of heaven. Set your will in front of all the Babylonians of the world and defend yourself from meaningless death.
Jesus came to die. He always prayed. If God does, then sinners like us should pray even more.
The righteous are people who believe in Jesus.
The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.(James 5:16).