A Korean ministry carried out a focused evangelistic effort from mid to late July in the Northeastern region of the U.S. with hopes that a new wave of revival would come to the country.

Called the International City Ministry (ICM), the group shared the gospel in Manhattan, NY from July 17, and the evangelism spurt ends on the 26th.

In teams of three people each, hundreds of participants went out into the streets of Manhattan, sharing the gospel through tracts available in 14 different languages. Over the past 12 years, ICM said the gospel has been shared to some 1.9 million people through its efforts.

“With people of some 400 different ethnic groups, New York is a contemporary version of the city of Rome 2,000 years ago that the Apostle Paul so desired to visit,” said Rev. Hosung Kim, president of ICM. “As a way to repay the gospel debt we have to the American missionaries who gave their lives to share the gospel in Korea, this movement is also taking place in Washington, D.C. and Boston, and we hope to reach students of Ivy League schools as well.”

The movement has also been noted for the widespread participation of second generation Korean Americans.

“We’ve been grateful to see many Korean Americans and members of English ministries participate in this movement, which is a way to share the gospel without having to go overseas,” said Kim. “Many churches in New York, as well as in other places throughout the Northeast such as Washington D.C. and Boston have come up to join us in New York from the early hours of the morning to participate.”