Protesters gathered in downtown Los Angeles for a peaceful march on August 13, in response to the white nationalist rally and the counter-protests that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. Bloody brawls broke out on the streets and resulted in national controversy.

Those who took part in the protest assembled in front of the steps of City Hall, denouncing the acts of racism and xenophobia that was portrayed in Charlottesville.

Demonstrators chanted many slogans, including: “Black lives matter,” “There is only one side,” as well as “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here,” holding signs with other slogans written.

The protest was a direct response to the violent event that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia the day before on August 12 in which a white nationalist rally called “Unite the Right” was held and ended up becoming a violent scene with three people killed and left others injured. Unite the Right was held to stand up against the city’s order to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Both Republican and Democratic political officials denounced the racism and xenophobia demonstrated in the rally, but President Trump received criticism and backlash from both Republicans and Democrats as he stated on television that the blame for the violence that occurred was “on many sides, on many sides,” failing to criticize the white nationalists.

This is in continuation with the rally that started the evening of August 12, in which demonstrators marched in front of the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters, chanting slogans that denounced the violent actions.

“Angelenos and people everywhere condemn these acts of hatred, and are deeply saddened by the loss of life and injuries suffered today. We stand with [Charlottesville] Mayor Mike Signer and everyone in his city with hope and prayers for peace to be restored,” stated Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, in a statement.

Demonstrators in other areas around the country such as New York City, Philadelphia, Orange County, Bay Area, and San Diego County have risen to stand in solidarity with those who were killed in the Charlottesville rally and those that were injured.