Minji Gong takes a role as a narration in the video made by JEONHAM.
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Minji Gong takes a role as a narration in the video made by JEONHAM.



A singer Minji Gong, a former member of the renowned K-pop group 2NE1, highlighted the reason Europe needs the Gospel and called upon Korean churches to sponsor for the Gospel AD. She is going to be a model for the Gospel AD made by JEONHAM (Chairman: Jeongmin Go).

Ms. Gong will be in charge of the narration of the video requesting sponsorship since JEONHAM has a schedule to set up the Gospel AD at the Frankfurt central station in Germany in March. "The country only worshiped God in the past. The country sacrificed for trying to establish the righteous law for the Kingdom of God. The country worshiped Him with the most beautiful hymn. However, this country came to forget the history of Christianity and lose the love of God" mentioned she.

She went on to say, "In order to revitalize the Gospel in Europe, we would begin Gospel AD campaign for the six continents. Every year more than 130 million people use Frankfurt central station, which connects countries throughout Europe. I am delighted and touched that numerous people using this station will have a chance to see the ad."

"In European countries, a street evangelism with Gospel flyers will proceed together during the campaign period. God awaits that European souls return to Him. Please be our coworkers in these countries since God looks at them with his tearful eyes. Minji will be with you." she added.

Meanwhile, a famous singer So Hyang will join this campaign as a model along with Minji Gong.

Jinyoung Kim / Translated by Lydia Kim